CSR Commitment 2019

Engagement RSE ERDIL (Illustration)

Our CSR actions in 2019

ERDIL is proud to announce its support to United Nations Global Compact ! This worldwide project encourage companies to think and take actions according to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Companies which support this project are committed to respect ten great principles regarding Human Rights, international labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

ERDIL's values in everyday life

Responsability and engagement have always been great principles for ERDIL. Since ERDIL was founded in 2007, we have been committed to ensure good working conditions, maintain simple, friendly relations with our prospects, clients and providers and deliver quality work.

We are usually more discreet on these issues because we think that actions are more important and meaningful than announcements. However, the support of UN Global Compact is a good time to mention ERDIL's values and CSR commitment.

In addition to this project, we have also defined a number of non financial indicadors we watch. You can discover our 2018 non financial indicators (in French) by clicking on the image below.

Creation of ERDIL's ethics code

In order to reinforce the values ERDIL have always upheld, we have created an ethics code (in French).
This document details the 6 key commitments we want to embody and defend within ERDIL. It also provides an ethical framework for our day-to-day work with all stakeholders around our company: employees, partners, customers, prospects...

Our ethics code has been shared with all ERDIL employees, unanimously approved and signed by each on of them.

(Note: in accordance with Global Compact principles, no employee has been harmed for the signature of the ethics code 😉 )

Commitment with our clients

Throughout the solution ERDIL offer, we are glad to contribute to improve our clients' CSR policy: we actually analyse customer and also employee feedback.

We have already carried out analyses of surveys focused on employee wellbeing which were sent by our clients to their employees. Recently, we have also realised an internal consultation for one of our clients, whose aim were to collect good practices to improve the environmental impact of the company.

So this is with a sincere and natural conviction that any ERDIL's action is done in a reasoned and controlled manner: from the team management to its overall development strategy and its day-to-day operation.

In our desire for continuous improvement in these areas, feel free to send us your observations or suggestions...

Our indicators

RSE : indicateurs non financiers (Illustration document)

Non financial indicators 2019

Find out about our non financial indicators for 2019.

Download (In French)

Communication On Progress 2019

Within the framework of our United Nations Global Compact support, find out about our Communication On Progress 2019.

Download (in French)
Projet mondial de l'ONU : Communication sur le progrès 2019 (Illustration document)