ERDIL's client: Meetic (Logo)


Start of the collaboration: 2017
Departments involved: Customer Care, Studies Department
Languages included: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Meetic is one of the main French online dating websites. The brand is also present internationally in fifteen other European countries.

Why set up an automatic customer feedback semantic analysis solution at Meetic?

We have been using semantic analysis for a couple of years. At the very begininning, only our customer service departement was involved; since 2017 however, our use of these tools has grown threefold. From Meetic’s point of view, close understanding of single people’s feelings constitutes a guarantee of sincerity and commitment towards them. Regarding France and England, we make use of weekly detailed reports. We have also included satisfaction surveys following customer contact.

How do you manage to exploit Meetic customer feedback analysis results?

The idea is to provide the right information to the right people. Customer feedback allows us to define our scope of action and improvement areas. We constantly combine quantitative feedback (especially in the tests we are running) and we cross-check the insights stemming from semantic analysis with user profiles to identify difficulties and frictions…

The challenge is to gain perspective. Each month, we try to identify three or four key verbatim in order to identify the most important topics. A task which actually proves quite complex and requires participation from everybody during our regularly planned product, market or customer experience commitees.

What are your objectives when using Esatis to exploit customer feedback analysis results?

Our customer advisors are able to categorise and record demands in their CRM tool. Thanks to ERDIL’s visual interface Esatis, we can “dissect” these demands. This process has two goals: first, continuous improvement of our services and marketing-related actions; second, improvement of our advisors’ expression. With this analysis, we try to match the Voice of the Customer with the Voice of our Advisors.

Can you provide some concrete examples of insights, key figures or ROIs gained with the help of the Meetic customer feedback analyses?

The diffusion of reports compiled from customer feedback analysis has allowed us to alter some priorities, to increase the pace of some developments or of bug-fixing, or to confirm some trends that were identified earlier…

Once our weekly report is shared, our teams have to be able to answer specific questions coming from the different product managers or other employees. Such ritual should however not become routine! We try each time to engage our teams on something specific and different.

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