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Marketing the best products, offering the best services, delivering the best experience or offering the best prices, this is no longer enough to make your company stand out. Your customers are increasingly well informed, are one step ahead with the latest technologies, and are ever more critical and demanding. They demand more in terms of ethics and transparency, and want to see your actions are aligned with the brand’s promises.

Employee’s expectations have changed too: finding meaning at work has become essential and many candidates are no longer prepared to accept just any old working conditions. They want to share common values with their company.

To address theses challenges, you have to demonstrate your commitment towards all of your stakeholders. This can only be achieved by putting the Voice of the Customer and Employee at the heart of your business strategy.

We have been specialising in the automatic semantic analysis of customer feedback for 17 years and can help you achieve this goal!

How can you transform the Voice of the Customer, Employees and all stakeholders into a source of added value for your company?

Since ERDIL was created in 2007, we have been at the service of brands helping them to gain a better understanding of their customers’ expectations or disappointments, and of their employee feedback.
Our solutions enable you to detect the reasons for satisfaction or disappointment and give you the opportunity to react accordingly.

Strong principles are in ERDIL’s DNA

Human + Artificial Intelligence (Icon)

A qualitative analysis combining artificial intelligence and the human expertise of our skilled linguists, who will support you throughout project. Our 17 years’ experience analysing millions of messages has proven that this combination is the most effective. It also guarantees better reactivity and traceability.

Output interfaces usability (Icon)

Esatis, an ergonomic output interface created in close collaboration with our clients. It enables our users to exploit analysis results optimally and to identify actionable levers. Esatis also includes a variety of tools which allow you to exploit the Voice of Customer further and detect weak signals which would go unnoticed with a manual analysis.

ERDIL's Engagement (Icon)

A day-to-day commitment (described in our code of ethics) to all of our stakeholders: clients, employees, partners, not to mention the consumers whose feedback we analyse. Our commitment is demonstrated in two important initiatives: our support and our CSR engagement.

The ERDIL story


Early stages of the feedback analysis project (Icon: baby bottle)

Early stages of the feedback analysis project at the Université de Franche-Comté

Under the direction of Séverine VIENNEY, doctor of language sciences, a team of linguistics and computer science researchers from the Natural Language Processing International Research Centre at the University of Franche-Comté, develops a solution for Nestlé Group enabling the automatic analysis of client messages.


Registration of ERDIL as a company

31 January 2007, ERDIL (Entreprise de Recherche et de Développement en Informatique et Linguistique) is officially created. Funding is raised from the Siparex group, one of France’s leading independent private equity groups. The first client honours the company with its confidence: Leroy Merlin, the leading company for home-improvement supplies in France.

ERDIL's former logo


Esatis (Illustration: rocket)

Creation of ESATIS : output interface displaying analysis results

Esatis, a brand new output interface, is deployed for all our clients. Ergonomic, intuitive and dynamic, it models communication from customers as exploitable data for strategy makers and operational staff.
Following 20 % growth each year since 2011, ERDIL doubles its workforce and relocates to bigger offices!


Release of the Loyalty Impact Score (L.I.S.)

Release of an innovative indicator: the L.I.S. to identify what really impacts your customers’ satisfaction.
Completion of a new study on the level of customer focus in large corporations in France, in collaboration with IPSOS.
Building on the success of our User Groups, we now organise 5 events every year, indispensable for Customer Service professionals.

Release of the L.I.S. feature (Illustration: heart)


Customer feedback analysis: Security (Icon)

Release of the comments section conformity analysis solution

ERDIL continues to innovate with the introduction of its unique solution for the analysis of staff comments in your CRM databases.
This solution allows users to easily verify that stored data meets legal recommendations and requirements.


Celebration of ERDIL's 10 years birthday (Icon: birthday cake)

ERDIL celebrates its ten years!

An important milestone for ERDIL that we wanted to share with you and all the people who have accompanied us on this journey. A year full of meetings and success, symbolised by our birthday event in Besançon!


OhMyBrève! a website for the ERDIL's Brèves de Verbatim (OhMyBrève! Logo)

Oh My Brève!: home to the Brèves de Verbatim

A new website: Oh My Brève! dedicated to our famous “Brèves de Verbatim”, inspired by the customer feedback we analyse. On the menu, the familiar linguistic pirouettes, orthographic slips and curious phrases but also two new categories: the spicy “-18” and DicOh, a fun and fanciful encyclopedia!


ERDIL 15 years birthday event, opening of our new premises and release of Esatis v4!

2022, one year full of events for ERDIL! Our company most notably combined the celebration of its 15 years of existence with the opening of our new premises, which took place along with all ERDIL collaborators as well as partners and customers. In addition to this milestone, our online output interface Esatis has been updated to the ever more user-friendly and customisable Esatis v4.

Celebration of ERDIL's 15 years birthday (Icon: 15 years birthday cake)


ERDIL among the prizewinners at the 2023 Trophée RSE Bourgogne – Franche-Comté!

We are both proud and happy to see our CSR-related efforts rewarded, most notably our commitment to quality conditions of work and the well-being of our collaborators! ERDIL has indeed been awarded the prize in the category “Social Innovation and Well-being at Work” at the 2023 Trophées RSE, organised by the Bourgogne – Franche-Comté region!

2023 CSR Trophy (Icon: trophy)