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Since the creation of ERDIL, we have been committed to providing our clients not only with quality solutions, but also with privileged support. We offer tailor-made solutions that are adapted to each project and its characteristics.

We are convinced that the best results can only be achieved by an analysis solution which is a well-calibrated combination of computer technology (NLP, AI) and human expertise.

This methodology allows us to guarantee a better supervision of the algorithms used for the analysis. You also get impeccable responsiveness and precise traceability of analysed data.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can provide a free demonstration of our verbatim analysis tools.

Take part in our events!

We also support our clients through the organisation of different events for Customer Relationship professionals.

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User Groups

Twice a year (usually in June and November), we offer our clients an exclusive invitation to discover the last features of our solutions, discuss the upcoming evolutions and share best practices and areas of improvement.

Closed Workshops

Do you want to exploit customer feedback but find it difficult to decide which method or solution to adopt?
Our closed workshops offer testimonies from one of our clients about their experience setting up an automatic semantic analysis. They are the perfect event for you to get inspired by your peers’ processes – from all sectors – in terms of Customer Relationship and CX.

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Panel Discussions

Our Panel Discussions are aimed at Customer Relationship, CX and Voice of the Customer directors and managers. They are organised in partnership with the AMARC association. During our Panel Discussions, some of our clients and one AMARC member share their approach to Customer Relationship and operational practices they have implemented.

To discover the date of our next Closed Workshop or Panel Discussion and to register, consult our Agenda page.

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Customer feedback analysis
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Employee feedback analysis
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