Comments section conformity analysis

Free Comments Section: text fields where employees can record additional information and notes about their customers.

Why you should use our solutions to maintain the conformity of your CRM databases

Your CRM databases might contain unlawful comments. This can be caused by ignorance regarding non-compliance criteria or by a lack of attention when your employees are entering customer data.

These specific elements are difficult to detect as they are non-recurring and exist within longer texts containg a variety of information and covering a wide range of subjects. We can help you to detect non-compliant information with our semantic analysis solution.

Collection of personal data regulation (Conformity of comments section icon)

There is stronger legal protection for sensitive personal data such as: race, ethnic background, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, genetics, biometrics, health, sexuality.

Our solution brings you the following benefits

Analysis automation (Icon)


Automatised analysis of free comments fields in CRM databases or other records containing customer data.


Detection of non-compliant information within large volumes of data.

Analysis precision (Icon)
Customer feedback analysis: Security (Icon)


Prevention of legal risk and bad press resulting from controls made by specialist organisations such as the CNIL.

Customer feedback analysis (Icon)

Bespoke service

Customisation of our analysis: we adapt to the specificities of your sector.

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