ERDIL’s Panel Discussions

How do customer service directors manage customer relations? What actions are implemented to improve the customer experience? How do major brands use tools for listening to the customer and and analysing the Voice of the Customer?

Our Panel Discussions, intended for managers and professionals in the field of customer relations, provide an opportunity to exchange and share best practices on these issues.

ERDIL's Panel Discussions (Illustration)

ERDIL’s Panel Discussions allow participants to hear high-quality testimonials from major brands. At each edition, several of our clients honour us with their stories (and we would like to thank them!). They are also accompanied by a member of AMARC (the association specialised in the management of customer complaints), our partner for this event.

AMARC's logo (Image)
Panel Discussions Illustration (Microphone)

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We invite you to our Panel Discussion on Thursday 6 June 2024 at Pavillon Élysée Té. More information and sign up details on the 2024 Panel Discussion page.

The brands that have previously testified during our Panel Discussions