Analysis of customer messages

How can you find out the real reasons for customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction?

ERDIL has been specialising in customer feedback analysis for more than seventeen years. We help you to detect the satisfaction and dissatisfaction criteria expressed by your customers and to better understand their expectations.

ERDIL Methodology

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Our analyses are tailored to the characteristics of each of our clients: business sectors, quantity and types of verbatim, project perimeter, languages…

Our linguistic and IT teams are here to support you from the very beginning of the project.


We are able to analyse verbatim in 20 languages without using translation: Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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Our solutions are able to analyse Voice of the Customer via all channels: customer review websites (Google My Business, Trustpilot…), emails, forms, social media, speech to text…

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We are particularly attentive to the confidentiality, privacy and security of all stakeholders’ data especially data included in the customers’ messages that we analyse.

Why you should use ERDIL’s solutions for the semantic analysis of your customers feedback

Do you want to know all the benefits of the customer feedback analysis?

Our clients testify to the benefits provided by automatic semantic analysis. Discover their feedback:

ERDIL's client: Stellantis (Logo)

We were able to provide our operational services with ERDIL’s analysis results. This has lead us to:
– improve our approach towards some key points such as hospitality,
– assess and reassess some of our behavioural aspects,
– select some more appropriate criteria as a basis to determine which training courses are to be implemented
– reschedule some organisational processes…

We were able to act directly within our dealerships network.

ERDIL's client: Orange (Logo)

Thanks to ERDIL’s automated solution, we can enjoy homogeneous identification and categorisation of our verbatim. This enables us to assess the topics that are mentioned by our customers. We’re able to evaluate their impact and consequently to prioritise our next actions.

ERDIL's client: SUEZ (Logo)
The L.I.S. visualisation is very insightful and allows to focus on customers expressing themselves through verbatim and to zoom in on topics which are seldom encountered but are always very negatively connoted. The L.I.S. has allowed me to work on processes and collaborative instructions: the underlying idea being, being able to react at each step of the customer chain (be it our headquarters or our regional offices) and consequently share the Voice of the Customer.
ERDIL's client: Toyota (Logo)

ERDIL enables us to share reports based on verbatim analysis with our dealerships, under the form of E-letters. This monthly customised summary allows us to share important figures covering various topics with each of our dealerships.

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