ERDIL's client: Promod (Logo)


Start of the collaboration: 2014
Departments involved: Strategic Marketing, Marketing Studies
Languages included: French

Promod has been specialising since 1975 in ready-to-wear clothing. First established in France, Promod is now present in more than 40 countries.

Why set up an automatic customer feedback semantic analysis solution at Promod?

As soon as we implemented our Customer Satisfaction Barometer, we chose to have verbatim analysis integrated in it. This allowed us to provide a metric such as NPS with tangible meaning and get acquainted with all aspects of customer satisfaction.

We knew that such a large volume of verbatim was impossible to exploit manually, which is why we came in contact with ERDIL for our automatic semantic analysis.

Classifying verbatim within concepts and sub-concepts with the help of semantic analysis enables to transmit to the operational services only the verbatim they need to access and thus allows for more efficient work.

For instance, in-store staff receive customer comments related to customer reception, given advice, fitting rooms. This allows them to implement concrete action plans regarding the expectations expressed by our customers.

Can you provide some concrete examples of insights, key figures or ROIs gained with the help of the Promod customer feedback analyses?

By comparing satisfaction scores with the corresponding concepts/sub-concepts, we have been able to identify the topics that have the highest leverage effect on customer satisfaction and consequently prioritise our actions.

A verbatim that you’ve found unusual or which has left an impression on you?

Je suis une grande fan de Promod. L’accueil à Saint Tropez est top et vu que ma gentillesse m’a souvent joué des tours je ne donne plus mes bonnes adresses, c’est tout simplement pour cela que je donne un Zéro ! Sinon bien évidemment que je donne un Dix !!

(Translation: I’m a big fan of Promod. The reception in Saint Tropez is excellent. As being too nice has often proven detrimental to me, I just don’t divulge the good spots I know anymore, that’s why I’ll simply have to give you a zero! Otherwise of course I’d award you a ten!!)