ERDIL's client : BMW (Logo)


Start of the collaboration: 2015
Departments involved: Customer Experience and Studies, Future Retail and Customer Interaction Management
Languages included: French

BMW is one of the most prominent automotive groups, both in Germany and worldwide. It comprises more than 130,000 employees worldwide. The BMW Group also comprises such iconic brands as MINI and Rolls Royce.

Discover below the highlights of BMW’s testimony on verbatim analysis and customer review management, first published in Relation Client Magazine.

Why set up an automatic customer feedback semantic analysis solution at BMW?

We have revised our survey following each dealership visit by pushing more open-ended questions in order to assess customer sentiment rather than only relying upon service quality scores.

We’ve chosen ERDIL for its mastery of semantics. ERDIL’s technology is based on contextualisation and permits the detection of sentiments in speech. ERDIL’s solution also proves easy to use when it comes to sharing key data internally or performing analyses directed at our dealership network.

Data extracted from customer feedback analysis is used during “Customer Committees”, specific monthly meetings taking place at BMW France’s headquarters and gathering senior management members, department managers and some team members. All topics that could lead to the improvement of customer experience are there discussed.

Can you provide some concrete examples of insights, key figures or ROIs gained with the help of the BMW customer feedback analyses?

We have identified improvement areas for customer experience. For example, we have enhanced the courtesy car service in dealerships.

Some weak signals have been identified: for example, one of our product notices whose description was leading to confusion and was in need of clarification.

Thanks to the categorisation powered by ERDIL, we can easily determine where our strengths and assets lie. We are able to communicate internally on results stemming from the analysis or a positive verbatim: such positive feedback allows teams to feel involved, as well as to keep in mind what accounts for the appeal of our brands and our dealership network. We are also able to clearly determine “priority areas”, ie improvements wished for by many customers and/or whose impact on the NPS score would be important.

This categorisation has finally allowed us to identify simple action plans which are to be carried out immediately. This enables us to sensitise to customer issues departments which aren’t always customer centric and show them that keeping customers in mind needn’t be a complicated process.

Customer listening through satisfaction surveys has also led us to realise that some customers have particular expectations: some of them need a higher amount of guidance regarding our offers and options which is not required for our returning customers.

What did customer listening teach you?

Verbatim categorisation by Erdil provides us as a matter of fact with concrete insights allowing us to get all of our company’s departments involved. For my part, this implies organising regular meetings gathering everyone in order to discuss customer issues and set up action plans.