ERDIL's client: O2 (Logo)


Start of the collaboration: 2020
Departments involved: Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience
Languages included: French

On the occasion of the entirely digital 4th edition of the CX Paris on 9 and 10 June, Thierry Spencer interviewed Nathalie Rocher, Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience Director at O2 – Care Services regarding the following topic:

« How to transform Customer Experience through innovation? »

During these discussions, Nathalie Rocher referred to our new collaboration by showcasing the two first concrete cases of satisfaction improvement through Voice of the Customer analysis. Found below are her testimony’s highlights:

“Thanks to ERDIL’s solution (Esatis), we are able to make our priorities emerge. Customer feedback analysis allows for operational efficiency: we prioritise implementing improvements whose pertinence can not be disputed, since they are asked for by our customers. It is really the Voice of the Customer which leads our company to take the right decisions.

Two main topics quickly emerged from our feedback analysis. We were of course already aware of those but we never had realised the impact those issues had had on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, customers were already suggesting solutions to improve our processes within the verbatim.”

1. Better management of the planning changes based on the Voice of the Customer

“One of the most important issues in the service industry is planning management. Reporting a planned service proves a key point as it tangibly impacts all involved actors.

What arises from our customer feedback is that planning changes are not as influential as the communications issues surrounding these changes.
This awareness has led to the opening of a complete, internal project which has introduced a new feature, designed by and for all those involved (our agencies, collaborators, customers).

Our purpose is to eventually turn this current potential dissatisfaction topic into an enjoyable experience.”

2. Improving customer loyalty through the use of verbatim

“At O2, no minimum subscription period is required from customers. It is up to us to show enough commitment so that they’ll keep using our services in the future.

When analysing customer verbatim, we’ve realised that there are actual improvement opportunities waiting to be implemented regarding this topic.

We are going to modify our customer journey and internal processes as to swiftly get in touch with customers expressing their intention to leave and assess their background, their needs and bring them solutions if necessary.

In the case no solutions are to be found, we aim to conclude our collaboration in the best conditions. Our goal is to provide good customer experience, even when a customer leaves.”

The interview of Nathalie Rocher concluded with the showcasing of the key aspect of O2’s global strategy, which revolves around the Symétrie des Attentions™, ie working to gain and to maintain the trust of all the involved actors. O2 is as such committed to display transparency towards its customers. Customers are noticed, for example, when an employee is replaced by another, in order to decrease their commuting time and in turn improve their quality of life.

We would like to thank Nathalie Rocher for this testimonial and spontaneous feedback and we are glad to collaborate with a company such as O2, which is genuinely commited to all its stakeholders’ best experience.