ERDIL's client: Toyota (Logo)


Start of the collaboration: 2017
Departments involved: Customer Service
Scope: 16 countries – 13 languages
Languages included: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Toyota is one of the most prominent automotive companies. Toyota is also known for pioneering in the domain of hybrid and electric vehicles as well as for putting new forms of mobility on the market.

Why set up an automatic customer feedback semantic analysis solution at Toyota?

Our team occasionally analysed customer feedback, but this task was carried out manually and as such was very time-consuming. We also regretted that our dealership network focused more on NPS scores than they did on the customers’ actual expression.

Even though verbatim were easily available, few dealerships took the time to analyse or understand the customers’ expectations and consequently implemented corrective actions in order to provide a unique experience; a necessary step to foster customer loyalty and to encourage customers to become brand ambassadors.

The goal of the Voice of the Customer is first and foremost to keep our customers, and to keep them satisfied.

Which listening tools did you set up at Toyota?

We have at our disposal sales and after-sales satisfaction surveys which provide customers with a lot of free expression opportunities. Our customers may also use our website to express themselves. These spontaneous verbatim as well as those coming from our customer relationship department and social media are carefully analysed.

We ask our customers to share their views regarding three important steps of the customer journey: when welcomed at the dealership, following an after-sales visit but also when leaving the dealership without any purchase; our goal being in this case determining why our prospect eventually chose not to purchase one of our vehicles.

How do you use verbatim analysis?

Through the E-letters, ERDIL has enabled us to share reports compiled from the verbatim analysis with our dealership network. This monthly customised report allows us to share key figures pertaining to the different topics with each of our dealerships.

Best practices set up by our advisors following customer feedback analysis are rewarded as well.

Can you provide some concrete examples of insights, key figures or ROIs gained with the help of the Toyota customer feedback analyses?

We wanted to look further than mere figures and most of all change all our dealerships’ mindset. We chose to automate the creation and sending of the monthly customised newsletters that were sent to each Toyota dealership.

We ask our dealerships to organise monthly meetings with their teams in order to discuss customer feedback and set up action plans based on customers’s verbatim.

A verbatim that you’ve found unusual or which has left an impression on you?

A verbatim full of tenderness:

Lors de la livraison, la voiture présentée sous une housse a été une surprise totale pour le cadeau de mariage (63 ans !) offert à mon épouse. Le secret a été bien gardé par le concessionnaire et son équipe.

(Translation: The car, hidden under a cover at delivery and a gift for our (sixty-third!) anniversary, was a total surprise for my wife. The secret was kept safe by the dealership staff.)