Corporate Responsibility 2022

ERDIL's CSR engagement (Illustration)

Our CSR actions in 2022

Discover below the various actions which were carried out in 2022 as part of our CSR commitment. ERDIL was as a matter of fact recognised for its commitment and the actions that were led within this framework. ERDIL was as such awarded the certificate of CSR best practices by the Mouvement Français pour la Qualité and the Région Bourgogne – Franche-Comté at the occasion of the October 2022 CSR forum.

Formalisation of our responsible digital policy

In addition to already implemented instructions, a document outlining recommendations pertaining to the use of the various digital terminals was designed for the use of all ERDIL collaborators. Included in this document is an ensemble of best practices with regard to digital security, use of webmail services, GDPR compliance or the use of software and services.

First instalment of the Temis propre afternoon

Our CSR committee began thinking of a litter pickup event following an observation expressed by one of the ERDIL linguists, Aleksandra. This project took the form of an event held in the afternoon of Friday 10 June 2022 and was attended by several organisations and institutions. The City of Besançon supported this event by providing equipment (bags, protection gloves, litter pickers…).

Luckily enough, the weather was fine and our collaborative efforts concluded on our premises’ terrace along with a convivial snack.

Collecte de déchets lors de l'après-midi TEMIS (Photo)

Crédit Photo : Jean-Charles Sexe (Grand Besançon)

Monitoring of our power consumption

ERDIL monitors each year several non financial indicators (see below), which are compiled in the linked infographic. The yearly power consumption features prominently among those. The ERDIL CSR committee decided to delve deeper into the different sources of power consumption on our premises, both as a reaction to the increased costs of energy and out of the will to put energy sobriety into practice. To this end, tests with the help of wattmeters were and will be carried out in late 2022 and in early 2023. These will aim to assess each device’s power consumption (such as computers, refrigerators, drinking fountains, etc.) in order to use them in a power-efficient manner.

ERDIL donation policy and sponsorship in 2022

In 2022, ERDIL decided to broaden its donation criteria and to support organisations and initiatives originating from various sectors and backgrounds.

– Prolongation of our support to Gwendoline Matos until the 2024 Paris Olympics.
– Contribution to the endowment Plantons pour l’avenir, which aims to protect forested areas and to support reforestation actions in France
– Donation to the NGO Unbroken, which provides support in Ukraine to the war-affected Ukrainians, under the form of the manufacturing of prostheses and suitable medical equipment.
– In addition to the various punctual hygiene and care products donations, we also granted financial support to the organisation FSA (Féminité Sans Abri)
– Renewal of our support to the organisations behind open-source software and services: the Wikimedia Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation and The Document Foundation.

Collections carried out in 2022

– A collection box was provided to ERDIL collaborators in early 2022, allowing for the recycling of used (and potentially infectious) masks by the company Solution Recyclage.
– In addition to our several waste sorting bins (including an organic waste container) and a used batteries collection box, we also set up a collection box for used pens and writing implements. These are then taken to the Cultura store in Besançon for recycling.
– A very successful collection of games, toys and stuffed toys was organised before the year-end celebrations conjointly with the organisations ADDSEA (which launched the initiative La Récup à Besac) and ADOMA.

Collecte jouets, jeux, peluches association ADDSEA - Projet La Récup à Besac (Photo)

Pictures of the games, toys and stuffed toys collected for the organisation ADDSEA (La Récup à Besac initiative)

Training and competence development

All ERDIL collaborators were able to take part to a training course with regard to safety hazards in the workplace, during which fire hazards and the use of extinguishers were prominently discussed.

Another training course was offered to 8 of our collaborators, focusing on how to handle a potential evacuation of the premises. A simulation exercise subsequently took place in October 2022.

On their own initiative, two members of our staff also chose to take part to a training course pertaining to health hazards in the workplace. They were consequently awarded the first-aider at work certificate, thus increasing to 4 the amount of ERDIL collaborators able to manage such situations.

Sports events: Ekiden and Boucles Roses

Besançon is acknowledged for offering ideal surroundings for outdoor activity, such as trail running, walking or hiking. Several ERDIL collaborators took part to these two events:

  • The Ekiden Grandes Heures Nature, in June. Five ERDIL collaborators completed this marathon relay in no more than 4 hours and 26 minutes!
  • The 5 km Boucles Roses hike, as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and whose benefits were donated to the French Anti-Cancer Association.

Our indicators

ERDIL's 2022 Non-financial indicators (Thumbnail)

Non financial indicators 2022

Discover our non financial indicators for 2022.

Communication On Progress 2022

Consult our Communication On Progress 2022 (in French), an important part of our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.

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