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ERDIL has the utmost respect for your personal data and strictly abides by the GDPR in all its processes. ERDIL strives to ensure that access to your personal data is secure.

This unsubscribe form allows you to inform ERDIL of your preferences regarding its business communication or, if required, to ask ERDIL to remove you from its mailing lists used for the conduct of business communication (i.e. invitations to our events and the sending of our newsletter L’Actu d’ERDIL).

Please specify which e-mail address has been used by ERDIL to contact you and for which you wish to define your business communication preferences:

Any request for unsubscription (revokal of consent or request for deletion) from BOTH our mailing list for invitations to our events AND our newsletter mailing list will lead to the following actions:

  • the removal of the entirety of your personal data from our mailing lists and from our files,
  • the addition of your (anonymized and encrypted) e-mail address to a “do not send” list, in order to prevent ERDIL from contacting you again as part of its business communication. This anonymized and encrypted e-mail address is stored for a period of 3 years, after which it is definitively deleted.

Modalities of the business communication conducted by ERDIL towards its clients, prospects and partners

If you want to learn more about the manner ERDIL processes personal data of its clients, partners and prospects as part of its business communication, please consult the dedicated web page.