10 years ERDIL: our birthday event

A look back at our 10th anniversary


22 and 23 June 2017


In Besançon

10 years old already! A symbolic date which also reveals just how far we’ve come from the first academic studies and then the creation of our company in 2007. We wanted to mark this special moment by organising a birthday party, held in Besançon, on 22 and 23 June 2017.

Everyone in Besançon!

During previous User Groups (always held at the premises of one of our clients), we had been asked when we would be inviting everyone to Besançon.

We thought that organising ERDIL’s 10th birthday in conjunction with our bi-annual User Group, was the perfect opportunity to invite our clients to Besançon. This event was a chance to share a little of our daily life with our clients in our own building and also to show them a part of the city.

First « local » User Group

The festivities began on Thursday with the User Group taking place in the early afternoon. After a quick tour of the building, a physical meeting between ERDIL’s collaborators and clients could finally take place (some of the staff had never had the opportunity to meet the clients)! Then Esatis’ latest innovations were presented in a meeting room decorated especially for the event.

A few technical questions and champagne bubbles later, all of the participants were invited to go to one of Besançon’s landmark sites: the Citadel.

10 years ERDIL: Day of the 22 June 2017 (Photomontage)

Evening at the Citadel between clients and collaborators of ERDIL

The evening’s programme was split into two parts: the historic guided tour and then a dinner inside the famous fortress built by Vauban. During this time clients and collaborators were able to get to know each other better. Though the discussions were a bit shy during the reception cocktail, the evening allowed everyone to chat informally (with a lot of smiles and a few tears… of laughter!).

A late night quiz closed the day on a fun and friendly note even if there were some suspiscions of non-conformity of answers! A successful first act which would be followed an equally eventful second act…

Discovering Besançon from a different angle

A second chance to get to know Besançon better: the morning was spent on a riverboat cruise enjoying the meander of the Doubs river that surrounds the old town. It was a way to discover the city from a brand new perspective. Everyone onboard kept their eyes and ears wide open to make the most of the historic and quite offbeat (or the opposite) comments of the captain!

Under a shining sun, the morning excusion ended in a traditional restaurant accompanied by our longstanding partners Stéphane Bourrier, Marie-Louis Jullien (AMARC) and Thierry Spencer (Académie du ServiceSens du Client blog), who arrived for the day.

We took a digestive walk to the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Regional Council for an afternoon celebrating ERDIL’s 10 years, bringing together current and prospective clients, partners and collaborators.

Testimonies and ERDIL’s 10 years birthday cake

After an introduction and review of ERDIL’s evolution and perspective by Séverine and Guillaume, the stage was left to the testimonies of several individuals who have made an impact on our company in recent years: Eric Bendicho, Carole Pommois, Thierry Spencer, Stéphane Bourrier, Henri Brugère-Dupuy and Alain Mévial.

Below and on ERDIL’s Youtube channel, you can find some video extracts (in French) from these speeches that have particurlaly marked us:

Eric Bendicho, Director of B2B Customer Excellence, Orange

« Few companies know how to manage this kind of volume with as much consistency and reliability as ERDIL. »

Carole Pommois, International CSI project manager at Stellantis (formerly Groupe PSA)

« We appreciate the atmosphere when we visit you in Besançon, we can see that you are a real team. We feel it in the work you do for us. »

Thierry Spencer, Associated Director of Académie du Service, Sens du Client blog author

« I’m happy to be here because there is a humility that is missing in many companies, the love of a job well done. I feel really good when I am working with you. »

Stéphane Bourrier, Quality and Customer Relationship Director at UCPA and AMARC President

« The relation we have with ERDIL is what we wish for a client contacting a customer service department: simple, friendly, genuine, human and warm. »

Henri Brugère-Dupuy, ERDIL administrator and advisor

« ERDIL’s clients know how to engage and testify on a scale I have not seen elsewhere. »

Beyond the reviews of ERDIL’s activity, everyone spoke of the ingredients that they believe are the basis of our company success: simplicity, cheerfulness, humility, warmth. The last one is a double entendre, describing both the quality of the discussions and the summer temperature of the day!

Fresh drinks came at the right time, just before the birthday cake in the company colours. The last moment of exchange and discussions for some and relaxed interviews for others closed these two days, also complemented by some small, local culinary surprises and… a special ERDIL’s 10 years satisfaction survey!

We would like once again to thank all the participants for their availability, sympathy and their infectious good mood!
Without forgetting all the people who were unable to attend and all the support we received during these ten years, to whom we also extend our warmest thanks.