Corporate Responsibility 2021

ERDIL's CSR engagement (Illustration)

Our CSR actions in 2021

Creation of a CSR Committee

ERDIL’s CSR committee was created in February, in line with our desire to formalise our CSR actions. It is composed of 5 members, representing each of our teams (linguistics, IT, communication, Management), who meet monthly to discuss CSR actions: improving working conditions, environmental protection, social involvement…

Evolution of our brand and the renewal of our vision and values

When reflecting on the evolution of the ERDIL and our external communication, we wanted all our employees to be involved so we invited them to give their opinions about the essential principles and values embodied by our company. Based on their answers, we redesigned our ethics code (in French) and renewed the six key values of our company: expertise, security, reactivity, benevolence and conviviality, trust, local and international presence.

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Benevolence & Conviviality

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Local and international rooting

Signature of the Charte de la diversité

Since ERDIL was founded, we have always ensured that everyone’s profile is valued and that candidates are not discriminated against, during the recruitment process. To formalise this commitment and continue to pay attention to these issues, we signed the Charte de la diversité, this year.

Implementation of composting food waste thanks to Trivial Compost

At the end of 2020, one of our CSR goal was to find a solution to recycle food waste from ERDIL’s collaborators. It comes from three main sources:

  • coffee grounds produced by our collaborators’ consumption
  • daily lunches in our kitchen
  • organic waste generated during our internal events (corporate events, lunches, welcoming and farewell parties…)

To meet these requirements, we had already identified the Trivial’Compost association who ensures, through its Cycl’ompost activity, collection of food waste directly at the site of catering places and companies, by bike.

2021 allowed us to conclude our partnership with Cycl’ompost and implement the collection of ERDIL’s food waste. A year later, we are happy and proud to claim that 280 kg have been composted.

This number is also one of our 2021’s non financial indicators visualisation.

ERDIL’s sponsorship in 2021: valuing local initiatives

Since 2020, ERDIL allocates a minimum of 1% of the year’s earnings before tax through donations and sponsorships. After supporting free software and projects in 2020, we chose to reward local initiatives and organisations in 2021. Among the six initiatives which were in the running, two were selected (by a vote of ERDIL’s collaborators):

  • the sporting event Panora’ Trail, solidarity trail race whose funds were allocated to “Nos Enfants d’ailleurs” association which works for the inclusion of autistic people and assistance for their family.
  • the sponsorship of Gwendoline Matos, disabled goalball athlete from Besançon who aims for the next Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

Occasional actions and donation for 2021

To complete our sponsorship policy, we also supported other projects or initiatives:

  • the Boîte à Dons association: our donation (€150 plus sending our three outdated kakemonos) contributed to the purchase of a composter for the town of Venette (Oise) in which the association is located. In exchange for this donation, canvas of our former kakemonos were transformed in 30 pencil cases which were given out to our collaborators and also during our events.
  •  a donation to Pediatres du monde association, working to provide access to healthcare for thousands of children in France and worldwide
  • ERDIL’s collaborators may also support three spontaneous collection of hygiene products, books and school equipment for associations such as FSA (Féminité Sans Abri) helping homeless women ; and the Josettes Bisontines student association offering first aid to students in need.

Moving to our new building

To support the growth of our company, new offices were necessary! After a benchmark of the different options, we decided to build our own building in which we finally settled in September 2021.

The building was designed primarily for the welfare of our collaborators and a survey was shared to all ERDIL’s employees ahead of the start of the construction to find out what everyone wanted.

ERDIL’s employees now can enjoy new facilities and equipment such as:

  • a large open space with more ergonomic office chairs and desks
  • a wide break room with a baby-foot, arcade machine and a relaxation area
  • a well ventilated kitchen – dining room fully equipped overlooking on a large terrace
  • showers for the employees who practice physical activity
  • balcony for coffee breaks and terrace for outdoor lunch breaks

Our indicators

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Non financial indicators 2021

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Communication On Progress 2021

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