2017 CRM Meetings

Yes, we still Cannes!


8 & 9 November 2017


Palais des Congrès


Yes, we still Cannes: report of 2017 Customer Relationship & Marketing Meetings (Photomontage)

As announced last year, we repeated our experience in Cannes at the Customer Relationship & Marketing Meetings. Already very satisfied with the previous edition, we appreciated the improvements made by the organisers (undoubtedly detected thanks to exhibitors’ verbatim analysis 😉 ) for this 2017 event.

Our review in four bullet points:

1- Keynote + Panel Discussion = winning formula

Wednesday morning: “Artificial Intelligence : how to build a renewed customer experience?”

It might have seemed like a difficult exercise to start the exhibition. But even after a 30 minutesdelay (late opening and security measures slowed down the entry of the “Top Decision-makers”), Stéphane Mallard managed to capture the attention of the entire audience from the very first minutes. He explained simply and clearly the current breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, and how they would redefine marketing, customer relationship management and CX.

The discussions continued during a round table with François Laxalt (Tinyclues), Raquel Garcia Perona (SUEZ) et Olivier Ondet (Orange Business Service).

Much commented on Twitter, this inspiring morning opened the event with plenty of enthusiasm.

Wednesday evening: “The data-driven approach at the centre of major changes in marketing and customer relations”

After a first “one-to-one” marathon, the most resilient partipants attended the second keynote presentation by Gilles Babinet.
Then David Jamin (Hop! Air France), Matthieu Ruault (Voyages-sncf) et Thibault Lagorce (NP6 Consulting) shared their feedback on this topic.

Thursday morning: “Social and digital influence strategies: new uses and best practices

The facilitators took into account the feedback on the first day’s (big) delays, and Frédéric Cavazza‘s keynote started without too much delay. Despite a short night sleep for some, there was a strong attendance to see the presentation which gave very concrete keys to the marketing opportunities offered by social networks.

The last round table brought together Jérémie Clévy (Meltygroup), Patrice Hillaire (La Poste) et Johanna Gallou (independant influencer).

2- Convivial lunches

There was a relaxed atmosphere, both casual and professional at our table.
This time for informal discussions was much appreciated by our guests who were professionals involved in Customer Relations across various sectors.

3- Well targeted meetings were attended

We ordered a pack with 16 appointments; 20 were scheduled in our agenda and in the end 17 took place.

We were particularly satisfied by the list of Top Decision-makers that we would meet. So much so that we have already reserved a double agenda for the next edition.

The schedule with “15-minutes-interviews and 10-minutes-breaks” requires a direct and punchy approach. The small delays were handled quite well.

4- Festive evenings

The welcome cocktail kicked things off smoothly.

The cocktail party were a great success, with rhinestones, glitter and feathers included. A few dancers ventured close to (and onto) the stage.

These convivial moments with casual chats are always good opportunities to get to know our clients, prospects and partners in a different way…Shared experiences that create informal bonds, beyond the business environment. 🙂

One small detail to be improved: the wristband were supposed to be golden but ended up being bright orange… As we have to wear it throughout the two days, a more discreet colour would have been appreciated!

We can make the same conclusion as last year: a very positive experience and our reservation for 2018 is already made!