2015 Stratégie Clients salon

Salon, sofas and cocooned clients


from 14 to 16 April


Paris – Porte de Versailles

Stand K36 – L35

2015 Stratégie Clients Salon - ERDIL & LCL (photomontage)

Customer Listening is underway at full speed; that’s one of the fine news one could remember from the 2015 Stratégie Clients salon.

We must confess, back in the early days of the “put the customer at the center of your service” trend, many among us (brands, providers, consumers) doubted whether these practices would experience any genuine improvement. And there were a thousand reasons to doubt, ranging from the related costs to the sincerity of such initiatives, not to forget the reliability of the existing tools. But the facts are clear as some brands already live up to their commitments to customer satisfaction.

And tools are improving quickly, not so much from a technological point of view (as engineers have always stood for creativity and robustness) as from a market value point of view. Gadget apps and provocative startups are much less talked about in favour of tools which provide a shared satisfaction between brands and consumers.

It is indeed obvious that the key for sustainable success lies within a certain balance. Each and every step taken towards customers must imply one less step needed to reach them the next time.

Customer listening is one of those sustainable solutions; among them, automatic feedback analysis stands out as a considerable asset as it allows a quick understanding and a swift response to the needs expressed by consumers.

Be it automatic email/complaint processing, analysis of the answers to open questions extracted from satisfaction surveys or studies performed on social media messages, the tool provides each QA collaborator with an increased management capacity. Many among the professionals and Customer Satisfaction specialists (and maybe all of them) attending the salon Stratégie Clients agreed on this point; as demonstrated by the amount of exhibitors, visitors and conferences focusing on this topic. As demonstrated as well by the cheerful discussions which took place with a glass of champagne, alongside sofas; a worthwhile conclusion to the exerted efforts and validation of this article’s title!

At ERDIL, optimism is no foreign concept yet it seems it was this 2015 edition of the Stratégie Clients salon’s key concept…