2017 Stratégie Clients salon

A review of the 2017 Stratégie Clients salon, in three points


from 18 to 20 April


Paris – Porte de Versailles

Stand L24

2017 Stratégie Clients salon - ERDIL (Photomontage)

1/ Full plenary sessions

As always a great success. Smart choices by Thierry Spencer both in terms of chosen topics and speakers: specialists involved with the improvement of Customer Relationship within their companies, which span various sectors: BMS, iDTGV, Parnasse, UGC, Decathlon, Direct Energie, Pôle Emploi, Sosh… A guaranteed wow effect (dare we say, a “meow effect”*) on the audience!

These cross-views make it possible to consider the improvement of customer satisfaction along different criteria, such as company structure. There was much discussion this year about the shared vision that taking care of collaborators was essential in order to have them take care of customers.

2/ Pragmatic workshops

Engaging and motivating collaborators when it comes to customer service issues are topics which were also discussed during the workshops.
Annabelle Jacquier outlined all the internal actions implemented within McDonald’s to achieve its goal of bringing “profound change for each collaborator, for each customer and in each restaurant”.

During our Expert Workshop, Carole Pommois presented the international-scoped project that she has been leading for over six years in order to have Voice of the Customer be a core element of Stellantis (formerly Groupe PSA)’s strategy, in headquarters as well as in dealerships.

3/ Little extras (or minuses)

A little olfactory minus: a nauseous smell had found its way to the location before the arrival of the first guests on Tuesday morning. Total ventilation of the pavilion was the chosen solution, forcing guests to keep their scarves and coats on (for those who had brought some).

A small calendarial minus: the three days of the salon which took place just after the holidays, themselves followed by a public holiday on Monday, had limited the decision-makers’ availability (especially those who work in Paris) for attending the event. For most exhibitors and unlike the previous editions, Thursday was the day with the highest attendance.

Little extras were nevertheless also present: to forget these little inconveniences, visitors could enjoy the different animations by the stands or in the aisles. The hosts of our “networking cocktail” (in partnership with Skeepers – formerly MediaTech Solutions) were able to enjoy a fizzy drink while being amazed by the mental manipulation tricks performed by our surprise guest Laurent Tesla. As announced before, emotion was present.

This year, the Stratégie Clients salon thus once again fullfilled its mission: to provide concrete feedback and open up the debate on the current customer relationship issues, in a convivial setting where both informal and professional conversations could be heard.

* referencing an anecdote shared by Yann Emilian (Generali Concierge Services) who explained that a customer had asked him to get back his cat and bring it back to his master whose holidays in Normandy had been extended.