2018 Stratégie Clients salon

A review of the 2018 Stratégie Clients salon


from 10 to 12 april


Paris – Porte de Versailles

Stand L24

The Stratégie Clients salon allows ERDIL to promote one of its clients’ testimonial. This year, it is not one but rather two major brands which shared their vision on Voice of the Customer and its prominence within their company: HomeServe and Orange. Let’s review this conference and the three days of this 2018 edition…

2018 Strategie Clients salon's report (Photomontage)

ERDIL’s conference: HomeServe’s feedback

In front of a packed room, Delphine Martin, Voice of the Customer Manager at HomeServe first presented the global leader in home services. Within this company which specialises in providing assistance contracts covering various intervention areas (such as plumbing, electricity, gas, heating, air conditioning), customer listening is as much a core pillar as a brand strategy.

Weekly surveys covering each key moment of the customer experience as well as spontaneous surveys following phone contact (both actions generating 75.000 verbatim per year) thus set two goals:

  • Better understanding of customers’ expectations
  • Steering the quality of the network of professionals

In HomeServe’s case, Delphine Martin stated:

“The surveys’ value can be found within the 75 000 customer verbatim.”

Using an efficient solution to analyse these verbatim was thus an obvious choice for HomeServe. The company wished for a reliable tool, supported by a reactive and available team and with a powerful and ergonomic graphical user interface. Following a 2015 invitation to tender as well as benchmarking of the different market players’ performances, they chose us.

Nowadays, verbatim analysis allows the home cover & services company to:

  • deploy targeted actions,
  • set up bimonthly quality-related meetings focusing on dissatisfied customers’ verbatim,
  • support numerical findings with the help of verbatim

ERDIL’s conference: Orange B2B’s feedback

Following this insightful first presentation, Delphine Martin handed the stage over to Eric Bendicho, B2B Customer Experience Director at Orange. His observations on verbatim analysis are as below:

• 40% of the B2B customers don’t leave a verbatim,
• Detractors are three times as likely to comment as promoters,
• Passives customers barely express themselves.

Furthermore, customer feedback analysis has allowed Orange B2B to identify the reasons why customers became promoters or detractors. As a matter of fact, a customer’s main expectation is having the basics of customer service fulfilled (that is to say a functional and compliant service, with on-time delivery). Failure to provide such basics leads to customers becoming detractors. On the other hand, creating a promoter requires fostering a “significant relationship” in addition to maintaining the aforementioned basics.

Eric Bendicho then pointed out that not all topics found within verbatim carry the same weight. As an example and thanks to the L.I.S. feature integrated in Esatis, his teams have come to the conclusion that “business relationship and after-sales service do have a stronger impact on satisfaction than invoicing”.

His intervention eventually concluded with a presentation of the verbatim’s operational exploitation. Automatic analysis indeed enables assigning treatment priorities befitting the urgency of a customer’s situation.

Three-day review

As with last year, the plenary talks were of a high quality. A special mention goes to the AMARC conference: “Efficiently exploit customer feedback”.

Meetings on the stand were rife with smiles and surprises, especially when reading the speech balloons on the wall as well as the third opus of our Brèves de Verbatim series, which was met with great enthusiasm!